Unleash Your Inner Artist in a Cosmic Paint Explosion!

Prepare for an exhilarating fusion of fun and paint therapy. 

  • Choose from a vibrant selection of UV neon paints to unleash your creativity on a 14×11 inch canvas with optional stencil, perfect for artists ages 6 and up.
  • 45 minute paint experience in a visually stunning environment, enhanced with UV lights, starry galaxy projectors, and colorful light splashes, all synchronized to an upbeat soundtrack.
  • 6 neon colors to chose from. Each guest receives 4, 4 ounce bottles of UV neon paint, with the option to upgrade to 6 to paint to complete your masterpiece. All paint is non toxic and washable.
  • All protective gear is provided including shoe covers, poncho and goggles.

How It works

Book online or Walk in

The booking process is simple and flexible. Chose you date, time and number of painters.


Upon arrival at your scheduled time, you'll check in and be provided with all your supplies and equipment. Chose your colors and canvas and prepare to splatter!


Its time to splatter! Paint, splash and have a blast. How much of the paint ends up on the canvas and not others is entirely up to you! The music will be bumping and lights jumping to provide a thrilling painting experience you will never forget.

Clean Up

Its time to let your new art piece dry while you clean up and remove your painting gear.


45 Minute Paint Experience

$ 25 per painter
  • 11" x 14" canvas
  • Canvas Stencil
  • 6 Colors to chose from
  • 4 splatter bottles
  • 45 minute experience

Splatter FAQ

Yes, the Paint Splatter Room is a blast for guests ages 6 and up! Children and adults alike can enjoy unleashing their creativity in a fun and dynamic environment. 

Upgrade your experience with a custom stencil design! A stencil is a temporary design that is placed on your canvas before you throw paint. After things dry and you remove the stencil, you’ll have a unique, eye-catching design right in the middle of your masterpiece

While we provide protective gear like foot covers, ponchos, and goggles, we recommend wearing something you wouldn’t mind getting a little paint on, just in case. The paint is washable, but it’s always best to come prepared for a colorful adventure! Please no high heals.

Absolutely! Your 14×11 inch canvas is yours to keep. Whether it’s a solo masterpiece or a collaborative effort with friends, it’ll be a memorable takeaway from your paint splattering experience.

The entire experience is 60 minutes, which includes a 10-minute setup to get into your protective gear and choose your paints, 45 minutes of paint splattering fun, and a 5-minute cleanup at the end to ensure you leave as spotless as you arrived.

Safety is our top priority. Apart from the protective gear provided, our staff ensures that all materials used are non-toxic and safe for skin contact. The room is also designed to prevent slipping. No wrestling or horseplay is allowed .

While walk-ins are welcome, we  recommend booking online to secure your spot, especially if you’re planning to visit with a group. This ensures you get the time slot that best fits your schedule for an uninterrupted creative session.

To ensure the safety and enjoyment of all our guests, we ask that you use the paints and canvas provided. We’ve carefully selected high-quality, washable paints and sturdy canvases that work best with the lighting and environment of our Paint Splatter Room.

Our Paint Splatter Room isn’t just about painting; it’s an immersive experience where the vibrant UV neon paints, galaxy-themed lighting, and energetic music come together to create an unforgettable atmosphere. It’s the perfect blend of art, fun, and memorable moments with friends and family.